Technical Data
Also spectacular
when straight.

An elegant concept offering endless possibilities for public spaces, offices and educational establishments.

H-Profil rectangular lighting system installed in an office

H-Profil is designed to easily
accommodate a wide range
of high power LED sources
and decorative accessories
for both direct and indirect
lighting. Its ability to form
acute curves allows huge
design flexibility and our
bespoke service enables
you to bend and perfectly
shape it to your project.

IF Award Winner

Snake like sinuous light lines
designed by the Düsseldorf artist Eva-Maria Joeressen
Strength and Flexibility.

Twin, interlocked aluminium extrsusions form the rigid spine of the lighting system


Uniquely, the luminaire system body can be formed into smooth curves in the factory, fitting exactly with the contours of the room.

The H-Profil lighting concept takes even the most complex application and site related requirement easily in its stride.


From the myriad of combination and formation possibilities available, what you see here is a clearly structured, simple solution using components from the H-Profile modular range. The simple office pendant luminaire. Two direct lighting elements with glare reduction provided by elegant profiled microprism panels and end caps in the profile colour. With its clear simple appeal, this luminaire exemplifies the sophistication and superb quality of the H-Profil concept.
Non standard is the standard.

From highly complex wall washers and LED spots through to fluroscent lamps with louvres or prismatic panels to reduce glare and decorative glass inserts.

Every element of the H-Profil system can be freely assigned to individual lighting constructs - even after the installation is complete.

3D Rendering of an H-Profil lighting system
with Pergament lighting blocks
Got an Idea?
We can CAD it

Sketches and diagrams can take you so far. To help you and your client know exactly how your H-Profil lighting system idea will look, take advantage of our photorealistic 3D CAD facility.

You can be sure of what you will be getting, and with our highy automated production process, the engineering quality and finish of these special luminaires is to the same high standard that you would demand of a standard product.

H-Profil ProjectsMagnify
Iris Projects
H-Profil Components
Microprism panel
Glass sign panel
Rectangular glass panel
Recessed Omnio
Aluminium reflector
Surface-mounted luminaire
Vario spot
Minimal wall washer
Pergament cube
Pergament rectangle
Indirect luminaire
Glass cylinder

H-Profil 80

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H-Profil 140

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